Lin Cremore Art
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Contemporary Abstract Artist
Thoughtful moment.
"Spontaneous Combustion"
Copyright Lin Cremore 2012
"Spontaneous Combustion"

"Outcrop"     £175

Acrylic on block canvas

402 (100cm) by 20" 50cm)

Original signed by artist
"French Revolution"    £200

Acrylic on block canvas

27" (70cm) by 19" (50cm)

Original signed by artist

Owning a piece of original contemporary abstract art is a very satisfactory experience which can give you pleasure for years to come.

If you are thinking of decorating a new room at home, or in an office situation, a vibrant and colourful canvas can transform your space and provide a centre-piece and talking point!

Contemporary abstract art is special in that it allows each viewer to interpret the painting their own way. Every person sees in it something different. What you see can also change from day to day. You can never be bored!

My art springs from a deep seated need to create. It is my way of processing and understanding the world around me, and then expressing my feelings about what I experience. It is fun and experimental but also thoughtful. It is as necessary and natural to me as breathing.

Music is often the starting point in surrendering to my subconscious, allowing space, flow and nothingness. In those precious moments of relaxed concentration, melodies, harmonies and rhythms morph into colour, shape and textures on the canvas.
I invite you to share my art. To see in it whatever you will.

Should you decide to buy a painting I hope that you will look again and again with fresh eyes and find more to give you pleasure every time.